So... Why do a CheddarHunt?

Fun & Exciting

There's no better event for you and your peeps to get together and have fun at! CheddarHunts are all about having fun. The prize is amazing, but so is the event. Payday or not, it's a lot of fun! 🤩

Challenging & Engaging

Why do yet another event where you just watch? CheddarHunts pull you into the case. You'll be sad when it's over. (But maybe a little richer!) 🤝

Sur-PRIZE-ing & Rewarding

Navigate the twists and turns of the heist, stay on the chase, and make it happen before anyone else for a big reward! 💰

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CheddarHunt Las Vegas - Coming Soon

CheddarHunt Las Vegas - Coming Soon

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  • $5,000 Prize
  • One Ticket Per Team
  • Up To 6 Players Per Team
  • Starting Location Revealed Two Weeks Before Hunt
  • Game Starts at 9:30 am
  • Game Lasts Between 2-3 Hours on Average

Subject to Terms and Conditions

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