The Game

Photo illustration of game character Peter Galmon

The guy above is Peter Galmon - yes, that Peter Galmon.

The guy who founded the tech start-up that is harnessing dolphin brain capacity to compute possible miracle uses for chickpeas (they’re still in stealth mode, so shhh…). And a couple of years ago he launched the wildly successful vacuum subscription company - Huuvr. And of course there was his first unicorn company, the “you-buy-one-we-give-one-away-in-a-third-world-country” fedora company - Chapeau. (He also inherited a modest $3 billion dollars when he was 19 when his grandpa died.) In any case, he’s loaded and that’s why you’re here today.

He’s made lots of enemies of all kinds of people over the years. And, as one would guess, someone has decided to get even. He’s a little paranoid, and a lot busy flying around the world doing “billionaire things”. As such, he’s turned this over to us to sort out. He has made some resources available to assist in the capture “of this heinous villain.” (That’s a direct quote. He’s a little prone to dramatics.) He wants to know who took what, why, and where they’re fleeing to and when.

The real kicker is that all we have to go on right now is a bunch of things. There’s six people that Mr. Galmon “feels deeply, and cosmically” could’ve done something to him. (Another direct quote.) On top of that, we’re not even sure what they might have done! Apparently it’s nothing like murder or anything - that’d be police business. But one of them took something that (and this is VERY important) is VERY DEAR to Mr. Galmon! (We emphasize that because once you see the list, it’s crucial to remember that this is all that matters - that it matters to Mr. Galmon. Someone at HQ said the list looked like a "peculiar yard sale," and they’re not wrong. It's not really our kind of stuff, except for Mr. Giggles the ferret - we hope he’s ok.) Just remember that whatever the “heinous villain” deprived Mr. Galmon of is worth enough to Mr. Galmon to offer that kind of reward money. (His private security team isn't even entirely convinced something's really happened here. Between Galmon's paranoia and the fact he's always losing things all over the planet, we're really out to just make sure everything is accounted for.)


PhrogNet Logo

One of the lesser known technowonders from Galmon’s noggin is PhrogNet: “The distributed, anonymous, toad-ally reliable file sharing network of the future.” (He came up with the idea after licking one of those psychedelic toads in the jungle.) Never heard of it? How about AirDrop? Yeah, it’s kind of like that. “PhrogNet was just ahead of its time,” according to Mr. Galmon. All that matters for you is that he’s making us use it made it available for us and his personal security team is uploading evidence they collect to the network. We’ll install the BogScanner software for you automatically to work the case. 

Now, PhrogNet is actually pretty amazing stuff, but there are a few caveats. The first is that the network antennas he built it with are kinda wonky. They could be pointing toward one side of a street, and not the other. You could literally be walking away from a LilyPad (the network piece that sends out the “Ri-BBits”, which are what the files are called - did we mention he licked the magic toad several times?) and BogScanner wouldn’t pick it up. Turn around and walk toward the LilyPad, and it’ll connect and download the Ri-BBit just fine. And vice-versa. And versa-vice. So, you will need to canvas the game area thoroughly in order to uncover and collect all eight (8) Ri-BBits. Your phone will automatically download the Ri-BBit file and notify you with an alert.

And then, you’ll need to do the gotcha! Image Challenge…

gotcha! Image Challenge

Yep, you guessed it - the gotcha! Image Challenge is just like a CAPTCHA. Actually it’s kinda, sorta like a CAPTCHA. Also fruit from the Galmon braintree, *cough*, gotcha! Image Challenge works pretty much the same way. It locks the file attached in the Ri-BBit and only after solving a puzzle does it unlock the file. In this case each file (and there are eight (8) of them, one in each Ri-BBit) will contain whatever case facts Galmon’s security team have compiled for us. Be sure to always enter any letters in capitals, and there are no spaces in any unlock codes, either. Those Case Files will contain just about all the info you should need to solve the case. The only thing is the engineers he hired to develop the gotcha! Image Challenges were a little high strung and went a little hard on the project. Upside - those files are see-cure! Downside is a little math and a few mazes now and again. Once you unlock a file, you'll have it to reference later.

Clue Catalog

Mr. Galmon, you may have noticed, has a knack for the complicated. And he’s also a tightwad. So before he parts with his reward money, he wants to make extra sure that whoever solves the case gets it EXACTLY right. He whipped up a little file for us of all of the possibilities for this case. Next to each possible piece of this caper is a unique ID. You should consult it frequently as you work the Case Files, and you’ll need to find each part of the case solution in the Clue Catalog and the ID listed with it. Remember we’re just trying to find out the regular questions - Who-What-Why-Where-When. You’ll then enter the correct combination of these into the app to unlock the Tip Line. An alternative to collecting the Ri-BBits and unlocking the Case Files, and solving the case the gumshoe way, is just to guess at the correct combination of possibilities. There are only 7,776 if you are feeling lucky!