• What is a CheddarHunt? It is a mystery scavenger hunt consisting of a number of clues that teams or individuals collect in person.
  • Who should do a CheddarHunt? The events are great for anyone, really. They take place outdoors, in public open areas.

  • Who should not do a CheddarHunt? Anybody who hates fun and adventure. Oh, and doing little puzzles. And that kid Jeffrey from our middle school (you know who you are... jerk. We haven't forgotten, Jeff. We will never forget...)

  • How old do I need to be to do a CheddarHunt? Players at least 16 years of age may register with parental permission. Younger players may accompany adults in the challenge. (Bring the fam, fam.)

  • I only have three PhDs - will the hunt be too hard for me? Chill - it isn't like that. It's a good challenge, but not like the SATs or anything.

  • Do we actually get a bag of cash when we win? Our accountants and various public safety types said that's a "no-no", so it'll actually be a check. (Still better than lunchmeat coupons, right?)


  • How long does it take? On average, CheddarHunt takes around two to three hours to complete. (Which is a pretty good deal, entertainment wise, we think.)

  • How much walking is there? Each hunt covers a couple of miles (but you barely notice from all of the fun...) so wear comfy shoes.

  • How do I win the CheddarHunt? Be the first to successfully complete the hunt and solve the caper. To win, a selfie in front of a secret (only revealed to those reaching the final clue) must be submitted.

  • How many winners are there in each CheddarHunt? There will be one overall winner of each hunt, but we also have other contests for prizes during the hunt, too - like best costumes, etc.

  • How does a CheddarHunt work? Each registered participant will receive a unique login code to access the hunt for the day of the event. Players will use the app to navigate the playing area, uncover clues, and solve the mystery.


  • Is it actually fun? Not really. It's even worse when you do it with friends. Yes. CheddarHunt is a lot of fun.

  • What languages does CheddarHunt use? Currently, the events only use English.

  • What kind of phone does CheddarHunt run on? Apple Requires iOS 11.0 or higher. Android Requires Android 5.1 or higher and runs on most Android devices

  • How many people should be on a team? Teams work best with six or fewer people. (We can't be held responsible for any ended relationships due to, umm, "differences in opinion" regarding clues. We may or may not be saying that from experience...)

  • Do I have to have a team? No. Solo players are welcomed.

  • Is the CheddarHunt solution the same each time? No, the game is new and different for each city. (We just spoke with our PuzzleMaster, and they wanted us to mention that if you try to cheat, and we're quoting here, "your mom is a hoe."

  • Can my dog come? All hunts are held outdoors, in public spaces, and the only restrictions are those that are in effect for those areas.

  • Can my iguana come? (Ok, we'll just extent this above to all pets...)