Mystery puzzle hunts with big cash prizes.

Gather your sluethiest friends, family, work spouses, quilting circle, D&D club folks, and the bachelorette party for a great time and a shot at a big prize!

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The love child of a scavenger hunt and a bank heist.

CheddarHunt is a mobile based mystery scavenger hunt with clues to collect and a heist to plan. A super fun event for all. (Oh, with a big ass cash prize. Did we mention the cash prize? There's a cash prize for each hunt. A big one. A really big cash prize.) The hunts take about three hours (give or take) to complete and are held outdoors in cities across the country. We turn the city you know into a fantastic, engaging missing money mystery!

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What's better than fun with friends? Cash prizes? It doesn't hurt. 🤷

CheddarHunt events are incredibly fun for everyone. Even if you aren't out to win it, each hunt is a carefully designed mystery that people love solving. It's up to you and your crew to gather evidence, piece together clues, and find the missing cheddar. You'll love the twists, head scratchers, and "Aha!" moments hidden in each hunt. Be the first to finish the heist, and take home the cash prize!

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*Ok, so there's not actually any cheese.

It's Cheddar - like "cheddah" - like "get that money", not actual dairy product. Sorry to disappoint you. You can console yourself with all the cheese your prize money can buy you. (It's a silly name. Have fun with us...)